Never underestimate a Girl

Published April 25, 2014 by imagine525


You’re sitting over there, talking, acting like your better than me.
Acting like you have a right, like you think you have more skill than me in everything.
You’re acting like you are some sort of a prophecy.
But, let me tell you something, one day you will see, you will figure it out.

One day, you will really see what the world is about.
Only then, will you take a step back, re-evaluate me, and re-evaluate your priorities.
Please, never underestimate a girl.
One day, hopefully soon, you will have one, and she will become your world.
She will understand you, when no one else can.
You best bet, shes the one wearing the pants in your relationship.
She will know your thoughts with just one single glance.
Never underestimate a girl.
You day, you will be on her payroll.
She will be able to control you, with just one single finger.
You won’t even dare to linger, you will know that she is the one in control.

Never underestimate a girl.
You go on, go ahead, keep up your talk.
One day, you will see what I am talking about.
Beauty tamed the beast.
Ariel left the sea.
Trust me my dear.
We are stronger than we seem!


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