A black and white life (fiction)

Published May 5, 2014 by imagine525


This the house I was raised in…I know not much, but it was enough for me. This house was built on love. My parents built this house from the bottom up, this house was built on love. When my parents passed away the house was left to me. There love story made me want to have a love story like theirs. And I had one.


This house was built on love, and the love story in this house continued even when they passed away, with me and tony. This house was my everything, my home, where I could be me. The best of times in this house was with me and my parents. Then, once I met tony I new this house was where I would always belong.


Music. Its my life. Now, I cant even play. It was when I was playing my music when the storm came. Me and tony ran to the cellar, but we didn’t make it in time. How I survived I couldn’t even explain, because I question why I’m still here when my love didn’t make it.  


This is what is left. A damaged home, and me.

Just me, alone, scared, wonder why I’m still here.



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