Actor’s losing or gaining weight for movies

Published May 20, 2014 by imagine525

Growing up, being female, body image has been a big issue.

All you see is super models being skinny, and its not always fit, famous people being skinny. All these people being the definition of “Beautiful”, but its not my definition, get a lot of publicity. Little girls, and even boys, think this is how they need to be/ look. In my opinion its wrong. I you need to be is healthy for you, and no one else. Being skinny doesn’t necessarily make you a healthy person.

So, A topic that is necessarily new, but its getting noticed a lot more, is people losing or gaining weight for movies. This can have consequences for a persons body. Now not all of these cases are bad, but I think that this process is unnecessary and I personally don’t think it should be happening.

The first person that I think is the most dramatic, the person that really got me interested in this topic, is Matthew Mcconaughey.


He is a normally buff guy, I mean just watch magic mike, but he lost a dramatic 30 pounds to play an AIDS patient in the “Dallas buyers club”.  As seen in the middle picture he has sunken cheeks, and lackluster complexion. The last picture is where he is at now, almost back at 165 pounds. He has stated he has had less energy and he explained everything that happened.

“Your organs [and] muscles shrink, your organs shrink [and] my stomach has shrunk as well,” he explained. Why would you want to do this for a movie? Why do we allow it? I also understand if he didn’t do it someone else would, but that shouldn’t make it acceptable. 

The next person is Anne Hathaway.


She lost weight and chopped off her hair for her role in “Les Miserables”, to portray a starving factory worker who is forced into prostitution for the sake of her child. She did lose the weight under supervision, but the medics insisted that her diet was “not fun, and should not be copied”. She lost the first 10 pounds through a three week period by detox, then lost 15 more pounds by food deprivation and exercise.

The next person is 50 cent.


He lost 60 pounds to play a football player who has been diagnosed with cancer. He normally weights 214, like the picture on the right, and on the left he weights 160. He lost the weight by being on a liquid diet, and 3 hours a day on the treadmill for nine weeks. He even stated “I was starving”.

Next, is Dennis Quad.


He gained 35 pounds to play Bill Clinton. He states that he could have just worn a suit to make him look bigger, but didn’t want to. He went to McDonald’s every day. So instead of “Faking” weight gain, he filled his body with crap.

Next, is Natalie Portman.


She lost 20 pounds for the role in black swan. She lost this weight by eating small amounts of food that would metabolize really quick, and exercising for a full year before the movie even started. Her costar Mila Kunis also lost weight for the movie.

Ok, so I think you get the point. I seems like all the famous people are doing this to get roles and get even more famous.

But, what wrong with this:

12 - Positive body image (from (1)

A picture of healthy woman, all different sizes, and shapes, all healthy and not starving of gaining weight to get noticed.

Tyra Banks always seems to say the best things about weight, and I enjoy how she looks for plus size models:


And then, Jennifer Lawrence is the best:



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