Sleep: If it were up to me

Published October 4, 2014 by imagine525


If it was up to me
I would sleep tell the time
When magic starts happening in the sky.
When everyone else is dreaming magic,
I will be living in it.
The time when the true day starts

I will dream,
When the sky is blank,
When it’s an emotionless afternoon.
When the sun is hanging,
And sliding

The whole world is being active,
And running around with their heads cut off.
When all they are truly doing is,
Musing on the past and the future.
I will be dreaming the day away.

I would wake,
When its night.
When the stars start to shine,
Dancing a waltz with the moon.
The dark perfumed air sings its enchantments.
It’s a dare,
A test to try something new.
A request to come outside,
And dance like the sky.

I would not sleep again,
Until nights magic has past.
The sun will start to whisper,
A nudge to wake is slumbering sky.
At this time,
I will tuck away like a koala bear,
Hugging my tree,
Tell the magic of night,
Starts enchanting me.



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