How to save a life (TAKE 2)

Published October 24, 2014 by imagine525


Feeling the cold ground beneath his feet, the soft crunch of delicate herbs, Morrison began collecting the items to make the potion, in a desperate attempt, to revive his beautiful wife. She was now cold to the touch, from the unforgiving grave. He grabbed all the items he need and decided that it was time to start. He walked into the cabin, and down the stairs into his lab. All Morrison could think of was his wife.

She only used her lips for the truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity, and her heart for love. Her beauty wasn’t based on just her looks, but her character.  The smell of roses flooded his nostrils as he ran around the house, listing off the herbs he needed to come up with the perfect combination to bring back his frozen wife, from the darkness of death.

Morrison caressed the cold face of his love Theresa. She had her soul stolen by a silent killer. No amount of potions would heal her of her illness. They told Morrison to give up, they begged him to let her go. No, even after death, he could not give up on the love of his life.

He grabbed jar after jar, ignoring the clanking sounds they made. He dug his hands in to a jar of lilies and for the moment, enjoyed the feeling of the petals swimming all around his fingers. Sunflower seeds, dead bees, dill, parsley, yellow leaves, the names of ingredients were just buzzing through his head, giving him a nauseated feeling as he crammed them into his potion bottle. A raven’s feather, child’s fears, dog’s tear, bear claw, and a pig’s ear. He mixed and stirred the pungent concoction until it turned from grass green to florescent pink.

“This is it,” Morrison whispered. “It’s time to bring back my sweet Theresa.”  He walked over to his wife, the herbs overpowering the scent of decaying skin that used to smell of lavender. A single tear slid down from his blue eyes, followed by another one, and another one. Soon, a steady stream of salty tears slid down his pale face.

He caught a look of himself in the mirror, and stared into his own eyes, remember what Theresa thought of them. She would tell him that they weren’t an ordinary blue like the sky, or even like the little flowers that would pop up by their house. She would tell him that his eyes were like the sea, crystal clear blue- shimmering and crashing and churning. She would tell him that if you looked directly into his eyes you could hear they waves falling against the shore, you could see the foam flying into the air. Morrison craved the sound of her voice.

While Morrison was making the potion, he was releasing the sadness and sorrow that was held inside of him for all this time. He let out a heart wrenching wail. One would ask, is it better to rack your body with noisy sobs and let the world know of your pain, or to slowly release your emotion within yourself with silent tears? He knew that this was his last chance to bring Theresa back, he would never forgive himself if he couldn’t save her.

He failed to see the loose stone on his cobblestone floor and stumbled. The bottle started to fall, and time seem to slow down as he tried to catch the mistake he made. The glowing pink bottle landed with a crash on the hard floor, leaving shattered remains. The pink liquid that had such beauty now blended in with the dirty floor. It was now turning into a sickly green potion. Every muscle in his body knotted up as realization flooded in. The potion spread across the floor towards Morrison like a predator crawling in for its kill. The potion engulfed Morrison’s hand with a piercing pain. His pain was an icy wind choking the breath from his lungs, creating a noose around his neck. His heart constricted in its wake, not sure if it should go on beating.

Morrison’s body started to burn. His hair grew rapidly, turning grey with oncoming age. His bones now ached with every single step. Morrison limped across the room, grabbing at anything to give him support. He quickly began working on an antidote for his fast aging curse as his spine began to arch. His vision became a blurry, his nose blind to scent as his body prepared for rest. He began waddling back to his wife to lay his body down next to her. He chugged the antidote and felt his body rush back to his younger form. His senses came running back as he felt his health return.

Morrison jumped from the table. He ran to fix his potion as he feared to look at the clock, thinking it would move faster. It was a good thing he planned on having to make it twice. The ingredients started making him lightheaded. Lilies, sunflower seeds, dead bees, dill, parsley, yellow leaves. All these ingredients were whirling in his mind, it was all he was thinking about, it was all he could think about. A raven’s feather, child’s fears, dog’s tears, bear claw, and a pig’s ear. He vigorously mixed the concoction until it had its florescent pink color.

He turned to look at his wife and opened her mouth. The rotting smell in her mouth no longer repelled him. As he prayed for his miracle to come true, he dripped in the repaired pink potion. Theresa’s body began to violently shake. Pale skin, now tan. Her flat, dull colored hair, now curly and a glossy black. Theresa opened her milky white eyes as they shimmered back to green. She opened her full lips, leaned into Morrison and rasped, “I knew you wouldn’t give up on me.”


*Years Prior*

1901 was Morrison’s finest year of his life. He was finally getting to marry the love of his life Theresa. They were only together for six months before Morrison popped the question.   All of their friends and family made it known that they were nuttier than a fruit cake. But Morrison knew they were going to be with each other tell death do them part.

Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can’t control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That’s what it was like for Morrison. He didn’t plan on falling in love with Theresa, and he doubt that she planned on falling in love with him. But once they met, it was clear that neither of them could control what was happening. They fell in love, despite their differences, and once they did, something rare and beautiful was created. For Morrison, love like that has happened only once, and that’s why every minute they spent together, has been seared in his memory. He will never forget a single moment.

From the first time he talked to Theresa, he knew there was something so “true” about the person sitting across from him. He didn’t have to act like a higher class version of himself, he knew he could be who he really was. Morrison knew that other people looked at their relationship and laughed at him for being so shallow. They thought that he was making the biggest mistake of his life. He only knew Theresa for six months and nobody could possible fall in love in that amount of time. Morrison would just tell himself over and over that they know nothing, they know nothing about love, and if they won’t support them, they won’t be welcome in there life.

One month after their wedding their life was flipped upside down. It would never be the same again. Theresa started getting sick. When she was under a light cotton sheet in their bed, she was radiating heat like a brick right out of the oven. She ate nothing but the most watery of soups, her appetite was diminished. Morrison could hear her coughing and wheezing from clear outside the house, it was a barking cough that carried well though walls and through the still late winter air. Morrison’s heart was breaking, she was so sick, and he could do anything. All she wanted to do was sleep with the curtains drawn all day.

The doctor came yesterday and said there was nothing to be done but let her ride it out. Her Mama keeps running to and from their room with cool cloths, she has a supply of them out on the washing line so they’re almost frozen when she brings them in. Everyone is praying that she gets better. One night, Morrison decided she was worse, she was screaming in her sleep. Morrison called on the doctor to come over right away.  The doctor told him things he didn’t understand, he was telling him that she only had a few months to live.

How? How, it was all he could think. Morrison couldn’t even begin to comprehend. There was no treatment, they were telling him that they couldn’t do anything but have hope that things would turn out for the best. Morrison was in shock, he felt like he was drowning with no hope of being saved. Memories started flooding his mind, clouding his thoughts, taking him back to places he would kill to be. Their first date, their first kiss, their wedding day. Theresa stared screaming violently and Morrison pressed his palms to his ears trying to block out the screams. It didn’t work, she just screamed louder and louder.

Just when Morrison thought all hope was lost, she called his name. Hearing his name called was like seeing a ray of light in the darkness his world just became. It guided him back to reality for them moment. In the back of his mind all he could think was, “When has hope saved anyone?” He went to her side, and she grabbed at his ruff, hardworking hands. Her screams died down for the moment as she tries to comfort him, telling him that everything will be all right, as tears were falling down her pale face. Morrison rested his head on her chest, not wanting to let go of her. Theresa is his anchor, she gives him hope when the darkness creeps in.

Morrison floated into a deep sleep, dreaming of a conversation they had before, about death. It was a topic Morrison hated, but Theresa was trying to teach him not to be scared of the inevitable. Theresa told him that death is a body, a shadow, it lurks in the dark. Death crawls under beds of all ages, sitting there, waiting. She would tell him that you would know when your time is near, because you would feel the chill of deaths icy breath as it would tickle the back of your neck. She would tell him that even though all of this was true, you still can’t stop living your life, you have to keep moving forward, you can’t sit and fear the end of life, because everyone will die. For some it is just early then we would hope for.

Morrison told himself over and over, that he didn’t care what the doctors told him, he would find a cure. Morrison was woken up by Theresa’s screams. He held her hand and tried to comfort her. She still had such a beauty that caught his breath that he thought “Someone so beautiful isn’t meant to die.” Morrison was trying so hard not to break, but Theresa just kept saying how cold she was, and he knew death was under her bed, and death was going to reach up and grab her. He closed his eyes as she whispered “Please, don’t leave me.” Everything ended that night.

Morrison cried until there was a raw emptiness that nibbled at his insides like a hungry rat. His irises were threaded scarlet and his eyeballs hung heavy in their sockets. His whole body hung limp like each limb weighed twice as much as it had before. Moving around, trying to live the day to day life, was a slow painful effort. The sun still shone in the sky, but not for him. The birds still sung in bursts of melody that he would normally enjoy. But, Morrison was now convinced that there was no beauty left in the world.



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