Your Future

Published November 2, 2014 by imagine525


You sat there so still,

Frozen in a glacial autumn breeze.

Leaves colored like fire twirl by,

Some dance around your feet.

You would asked me,

If I remembered the night

When we stayed up all night,


Reminiscing, on our past.

You asked if I wished things

Would have turned out differently.

I didn’t really answer.

I asked him,

to look around.

What do you see?

He said it looked like the hill side was on fire.

I could see,

In his eyes,

he wanted a different life.

I tried to tell him everything is fine,

Everything is perfect,

Look around you!

Your past is a closed door.

To open a new one,

You just need the right keys.

But, you have them.

Those keys are promised,

Into your own hands of faith.

With your prayers,

You can keep swimming into your future.

But, knowing you,

You probably hid those keys,

Over there, and you can’t see them yet.

One day, your hands will find those keys,

And you will see,

How easy it is to open those doors.



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