How this will work

Published November 29, 2014 by imagine525

I’ll give you my deepest secrets

And my fears.

I will share them with you.

You will acknowledge them

And secretly beg for more.

I’ll try to satisfy you

But I won’t be able to.

You will eventually lose interest.

At first I shared my secrets

I told you about the goodness inside of me.

I will give you a key part of my life.

But that part,

Will be tossed by you-

Into the gutter.

Someone else will come along to gather your interest.

And I shall watch the best parts of me fall.

You will chose someone who will give you nothing over me.

I will watch my



And goals of having a friend

Crash down like a tree bring cut by an ax.

The two of you will walk away like it didn’t even matter.

Because to both of you

It doesn’t, does it?

Silly little thing



That’s how this will work.



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