Published December 11, 2014 by imagine525


When we are born,

We are innocent simpletons
A life about living and death-

Virtue and vice.

We know-
Not a thing.

We cannot even speak sense.

Only babble; as if our ignorance to show.


As we start to grow-

The cerebella forms.
Learning starts-

The A, B, C’s

And the 1, 2, 3’s.
We reinvent the wheel-

Start again from Zero.

Squander our precious time with glee.


When we at last mature and in advancing years
at the frontiers of knowledge-

We come to know-
that we can never hope to learn about truth.

For our Vision’s weak-

Even in Florida it can snow.

Isn’t this pointless?

Shouldn’t there be a way-
To impart wisdom to a baby?

On the very first breath?
So that it can-

Standing on these intellectual steps-
Tell us!

All about the mysteries of life and death.

For this seems-

To be the only way to stop.
This cycle of life and death and life again.
These never ending circles of flatness-
Of imprecision and exactness-

Of all the pain and joy.


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