How do I?

Published January 23, 2015 by imagine525

Right now I feel this fits my life pretty well. I had my first speech in my public speaking class today. I only had to talk for one Minute (About my name). Well, when I was done talking I was shaking so bad I wanted to cry…… I felt like I was jumping right out of my own skin……Public speaking anxiety to the max!


All I have ever wanted- was to be heard.
I want to sing with pride- like no one’s listening
But I’m too afraid.- I’m too scared.


I want to stand up and speak out- on what is right and wrong.
For others and myself.
But, I don’t want to get knocked down- and be told to learn my place.


I want to change- I want to be heard
I’m tired of hiding in this shell
Of being the shy girl no one notices


I want to show the world who I am- What I can do- What makes me—me….
I want to be heard- and I want to be seen!
I want to be me, even if society doesn’t want me too…..





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