handle with Care

Published February 4, 2015 by imagine525


I want you to know, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to write. That because I can relate to this topic pretty damn well.  Death tells us: “A lot of people chase after me. More then you would think. They ask me to take them with me. And there are a small percentage who casually call me over and whisper ‘Have Me’. There was no stopping them. They were very frightened people, but it wasn’t me they were scared of. It was the fear of them messing up again and having to face themselves. And facing the world, and facing the likes of you.” I relate to this because there was a time, a long time ago, where I didn’t want to see the sun rise again. You feel like no one wants you, and that no one would care if you were absent. And the funny thing is, is that you have been absent. But, people are so self absorbed in there own fucking lives that they fail to notice the blank look on your face. I understand the feeling of thinking your [parent]s don’t want you.

Everyone fails to notice that your sad because your the one smiling and laughing, and maybe your even the one telling all the great jokes. But at night, when you are truly alone, a killer traps you in a corner and slowly eats away any shred of happiness you have. All that is left is pain, and then death. To me, and other people, this question is not easily answered. “Why do you have all these scars? What is that scar from? Why are you happy one minute and then sad the next?”  Do you honestly think we have an easy answer for that!? Or even one that we would want to share with strangers!? Some people want attention, so its easy for them to show and tell what happens at night. NOT ME!

I’m telling you this STORY because I want people to understand that people like me are in a box filled with the finest china. We have handle with care written all over us. Even the ones god forgot to mark with the sign “fragile” on there head.



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