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Blinded by the power of love

Published March 27, 2015 by imagine525


A girl sits in her room on a cold night.

It’s 8 o’clock, her dad is on his way home.

She is terrified of what comes when he gets home.

Her homework is done. The house is clean. She has done everything that he has asked of her.

His annoyingly loud truck pulls into the driveway.

He walks in the door

Removes his jacket; hangs it up. Removes his boots. Goes in the back porch to smoke and drink.

It is same same routine; day in and day out.

A knock on the door.

She knows who it is.


She once was a beautiful soul.

She had been beaten, and damaged, and taken over by a man named Meth.

He was powerful; he changed her; she was no longer a loving, caring, mother or wife.

She was nonexistent.

But her dad still believed there high school love was still there.


Every day after work we would freshen up.



Fresh Clothes 

Just to impress her…..

All she every came for was money; but he was weak!

He thought her could change her; with there love for each other…..


He would open the door. She would stand there.

Wrinkled, ripped clothing, bare feet, knotted hair, rotting teeth

But to him- she was a work of art

All she could see was a pure waste of a life. a disgusting sight to see.

She would stay in her room, and when she would get called for to come down, she would put her music on full blast.

She could no longer look her mother in her face- she could think of who she “use” to be

She felt sorry for her dad for being so weak.

They would sit down to talk, act like the old days.

She would cut him off and ask for food.

He would jump up, and grab a plate he had on worm in the oven.

He would tell her he loves her and misses her.

She would cut him off and ask for money.

He would empty his wallet- giver her everything he had.

She would get up to leave- and he would beg for her to come back tomorrow.

His love, his first, his everything.



Published March 20, 2015 by imagine525


So, this is probably the most personal blog post I have written.

People in my personal life, know my news……but I haven’t been like everyone else On my Facebook and putting this on blast.

I will….maybe

I have known this news for awhile…I guess I’m scared of how people will treat me.

I’m just so luck and thankful that everyone in my family and my boyfriends family is excited. I’m excited that me and my boyfriend of 5.4 years are starting……. our family 🙂

baby1 (1)Due on August 30th……

I am now entering the “scariest” and most amazing time of my life.

I’m going to be a mom!

I guess I’m still finding it hard to find the right words to describe how I feel…


So, WE found out the SEX of the bay the other day!

We are both very excited and both feel very blessed!

The women in these picture are not me, but this is a very cute idea!

400357d1cfc81f6f22c5d741468281c71 klh_bluehandspreviewWE ARE HAVING A BABY BOY!!!!!

Societies Puppet

Published March 13, 2015 by imagine525


Everything now a days
Is all based off of looks
Whether your skinny or “fat”
Short or tall
Whether you have a chest or not
Or whether you’re curvy or not curvy
It’s all cruel judgments
Everybody has certain opinions

You don’t need to follow societies
Stand out and show them
Show them that looks don’t matter
And that its all about you
All about whats on the inside
Of the perfectly imperfect person reading this

Now look at where they are

Published March 12, 2015 by imagine525

First day of freshman year.

Here she is.
There he is.
She puts her headphones on.
He puts his headphones on.
She listens to country.

He listens to rap.

She thinks it will never work
He wonders if it will ever work.
They both want it too work.

Last day of freshman year.

There they are.
She is crying.
He is trying not to.
Now hugging.
Knowing they can’t see each other during summer.
But they will have the phones.
They are best friends.
She thinks she loves him.
He thinks he loves her.


First day of sophomore year.

She sees him.
He sees her.
They are running to each other.
She clings to him.
He holds her tight.
Her smile is so big.
His smile is so big.
She has fallen for those big brown eyes.
He has fallen for those sweet baby blues.

Last day of sophomore year.

They are just best friends.
Walking out to his truck.
She can’t stop smiling.
He wants to kiss her.
She has never been more sure in her life.
He has never been more sure in his life.
She is in love with him.
He is in love with her.
But they are just friends.

First day of junior year.

Her smile never left all summer.
His smile never left all summer.
They are so in love.
Everyone sees it.
But they don’t.
He doesn’t love me.
She doesn’t love me.
We are just friends she said to her brother.
We are just friends he said to his sister.

Last day of junior year

She says goodbye to her friends.
He says see you later to his buddies.
They walk out holding hands.
She knows she wants to grow old with him.
He sees a future with her.
But neither of them say a word.
She really wants to say it as she looks into those big brown eyes.
He wants to say it as he looks into those sweet baby blues.
They both say it at the same time; I love you.

First day of senior year

That summer was the best one they have ever had.
He kissed her.
She felt more sparks than she could ever imagine.
They are so in love.
He loves her more than anything in the world.
She will do anything to keep him forever.
They never thought it would work.
Now look where they are.
They are so in love.

Last day of senior year

They are both crying.
Knowing that the best four years of their lives are over
But she has him.
And he has her.
Their love will last a life time.
She likes country.
He likes rap.
She never thought it would work out.
He wondered if it would work out.
Now look where they are.