Societies Puppet

Published March 13, 2015 by imagine525


Everything now a days
Is all based off of looks
Whether your skinny or “fat”
Short or tall
Whether you have a chest or not
Or whether you’re curvy or not curvy
It’s all cruel judgments
Everybody has certain opinions

You don’t need to follow societies
Stand out and show them
Show them that looks don’t matter
And that its all about you
All about whats on the inside
Of the perfectly imperfect person reading this


One comment on “Societies Puppet

  • I look at stars of yesteryear who simply didn’t fit these definition. Look at Marylin. Mole on her face, a bit curvy…yet she remains one of the most iconic of Hollywood stars. I think there’s nothing more sexy than someone who is unique, and cares not about the space in her teeth, or whatever rules society has laid out for her.

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