Breaking up with Facebook

Published April 10, 2015 by imagine525


Now, Facebook is not a real relationship, but is it something you could or would walk away from?

There are 1.393 monthly active Facebook users with 890 million daily users, so I’m assuming most of my readers on here- like me, have an account.

Now, I know some people who have given up the use of Facebook, but they always seem to come back. But, lately I have been strongly considering deleting my Facebook profile.  It has been cause family issues, and causing arguments with just what people post.

Some other people state that they quite Facebook because they are getting to “know” people with out really knowing them and it makes them uncomfortable. Another person has said she was not really talking to her friends anymore; she would just go and look at what there “Facebook” life said they were doing- in other words she did not enjoy the disconnect it was giving her.

So, I wanted to look up some reasons on why it would be a good idea to delete your Facebook account, and this is what i came up with:

1) Privacy

2) get personal= Facebook stops the need for calling people

3) time fly’s= Facebook is a huge time waster. Live in the present not through Facebook

4) Playing tag= you wont have to worry about what you are being tagged in anymore

5) TMI

6) Compare and contrast= We compare our selfs and our lives to other people

7)stalker tendencies

8) you dont actually know your “friends”

9) you complain to much

10) The need to have people like you

There are many many many more reasons that people state also. All, of these reasons really make me want to cancel my Facebook.

For the time being I’m going to learn to cut back of my usage on Facebook, and YES eventually, sooner rather then later


What about you guys? 


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