One day can change it all….

Published June 8, 2015 by imagine525


The day had started like any other day.

You woke up

You had your morning coffee

You made me some breakfast.

Mom said she felt something in her gut,

She told you to go to the doctors.

I was only 11.

I was in a room with five other people I did not know.

Who was the tall man in the corner?

I did not know what was going on-

Everyone was confused.

[Then reality sunk in]

I walked to your hospital bed-

expecting to see your smile-

{it was not there}

Your clothes were in a bag on the floor-

I looked at the screen an saw a flat line.

{The sound was off}

But, I could hear it loud and clear!

The tears came rushing as I reached for you

{Willing you to reach for me}

I walked to your closet and grabbed your favorite shirt.

{it gave me comfort}

I had faith I would see you the next day.

“Daddy loves you, be a good girl”

{Your last words}

Mom has her phone by her side

[she has missed seven calls]

She is broken-

{she needs you}

I often look to god and ask for one more day-

I love you- would be all I would say…

I fear I will walk the aisle alone

I fear I will forget the little things about you..

But, what I fear most,

{My kids will never know you}



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