I’m a Fish- you are the water

Published June 10, 2015 by imagine525


Come walk with me

Through the forest light

We will lay and watch the starry night.

We will make a temporary home

in the patch of the woods

where the moonlight bleeds.

Sunlight burns through the cotton sky.

You made gardens grow in my lungs.

You bloomed roses in my cheeks.

You ran rivers through my veins.

You were the soil beneath my feet.

Now the flowers wilt,

Waters run cold.

With no leaves to hold- branches hang limp.

Snow in my nose.

Hail down my throat.

I spit grey smoke into the winter air.

Im a fish,

and they will say their are plenty more in the sea.

But, your water,

Im stuck on land-

And I really need to breath!



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