I fall in love every day

With ideas and sensations

People I see.

I hold them long enough to let them go.

But I keep them in my heart

And in my soul.


What to do when you are called a bitch.

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I get called a bitch alot! So, how are you supposed to deal with this.





So, I took this test called “are you a bitch?” On this site=

This was my result “ROYAL BITCH I hate to break it to ya, but you are A BITCH! You really need to sit back and think before you act. You are inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. Yeah, it’s nice to be straight up, but you are taking things way to far. Calm down and quit being defensive. Be open to people’s suggestions and try talking to other people besides only your closest friends.”

Well, not sure how to respond to that

I agree I normally don’t think before I act, but I do think I am considerate of other people’s feelings. I do need to learn to calm down and not be defensive. But, I don’t like talking to other people because of my anxiety.

So, we have my results, now what do we do about it.

Not being interested in someone, standing up for yourself, or being a strong woman does not make you a bitch. Women get called bitches for the most absurd reasons so if someone calls you a bitch, here are some responses:

  1. take it as a compliment
  2. Use your inner feminist  “bitches get stuff done!”
  3. Say “oh burn!”
  4. Ask what they would like you to do about it.
  5. Be sassy “do I get a bonus point if I act like I care?”
  6. Let them know that A strong woman is not a bitch, but I guess you didn’t learn that in school.
  7. Don’t let them mistake your honesty for bitchiness
  8. Say thank you it disarms them
  9. Say “deal with it”
  10. Spell it out. B.i.t.c.h. beautiful,  intelligent,  talented,  charming, and hot
  11. Take back the word ” I’m not a bitch, I’m the bitch. And to you I am ms. Bitch”
  12. Call them out ” oh please. You guys love me. I’m hilarious and I keep it real”

Or just ignore it.

Now, this post is made to be funny and everything, but let’s not lie to ourselfs. It’s hard to not get upset when you are being called a bitch.