Skin color


Being a good person doesn’t depend on your religion or status in your life, your race or skin color, political views or culture. It depends on how good you treat others.”

I am tired of being defined by the superficial characteristics that provide others comfort because they know which box to put me in.

I was born a certain way—and I have always believed sometimes contrary to those around me that the variety of skin shades is beautiful and something to celebrate.

The truth is, the topic of race, still makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable—they don’t want to talk about it, fearing that they may be seen as prejudiced.

But more importantly, most people don’t want to truly acknowledge their own thoughts and feelings regarding their skin color or that of others.

It makes people feel edgy, as if talking about race is wrong to do, yet discussing racial differences is the only way that we can understand one another and squash any lingering prejudice or false beliefs, once and for all.

Honestly, I haven’t ever given a lot of thought to my skin color, because I don’t see it as something that I’m proud of, but it’s also not necessarily something that I feel condemned by either.

It just is.

It seems there is and will always be a standard by which we are judged.

Do I act white?

Am I feminine enough?

Am I motherly enough?

Am I adulting well?

who I am is not defined by the color of my skin.

If I can be described by any color it’s in the flush of rosiness of my cheeks when I am excited or blushing and in the deep blues of my eyes, as they swim with desire when I am looking into the eyes of my lover.

These colors say something about who I am and what kind of heart I have.

The reality is, the depths of my soul can’t be defined by the fact my great grandparents came from Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

My soul is a collection of my dreams and the thoughts held within the private sanctions of my mind.

It’s in my desire to make the world a better place and to help as many individuals as I can.

I am unique because, regardless of skin color, there is no one else quite like me in this world.

And that is what not only truly defines who I am, but who we all are.

  1. I am not a color, and I am not a place
  2. we should accept our ethnicity despite social views
  3. History should not identify me
  4. I should not be distinguished because of my physical appearance






What to do when you are called a bitch.

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I get called a bitch alot! So, how are you supposed to deal with this.





So, I took this test called “are you a bitch?” On this site=

This was my result “ROYAL BITCH I hate to break it to ya, but you are A BITCH! You really need to sit back and think before you act. You are inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. Yeah, it’s nice to be straight up, but you are taking things way to far. Calm down and quit being defensive. Be open to people’s suggestions and try talking to other people besides only your closest friends.”

Well, not sure how to respond to that

I agree I normally don’t think before I act, but I do think I am considerate of other people’s feelings. I do need to learn to calm down and not be defensive. But, I don’t like talking to other people because of my anxiety.

So, we have my results, now what do we do about it.

Not being interested in someone, standing up for yourself, or being a strong woman does not make you a bitch. Women get called bitches for the most absurd reasons so if someone calls you a bitch, here are some responses:

  1. take it as a compliment
  2. Use your inner feminist  “bitches get stuff done!”
  3. Say “oh burn!”
  4. Ask what they would like you to do about it.
  5. Be sassy “do I get a bonus point if I act like I care?”
  6. Let them know that A strong woman is not a bitch, but I guess you didn’t learn that in school.
  7. Don’t let them mistake your honesty for bitchiness
  8. Say thank you it disarms them
  9. Say “deal with it”
  10. Spell it out. B.i.t.c.h. beautiful,  intelligent,  talented,  charming, and hot
  11. Take back the word ” I’m not a bitch, I’m the bitch. And to you I am ms. Bitch”
  12. Call them out ” oh please. You guys love me. I’m hilarious and I keep it real”

Or just ignore it.

Now, this post is made to be funny and everything, but let’s not lie to ourselfs. It’s hard to not get upset when you are being called a bitch.

My baby boys birth story




Well, giving birth is nothing like I would have expected.

I had a very stressful day.

We had a big rain storm during the day, and the roof in the pantry decided it wanted to start leaking.

By the time me and my boyfriend found this out, a lot of out food (pasta, rice, etc.) was damaged.

I was an emotional wreak.

My boyfriend kicked me out of the house so he could clean it up.

I went to my parents and cried at my moms, while thinking “man these braxton hicks contractions are getting bad”

By the time I went back home, three hours later, by boyfriend made me call labor and delivery and they told me to come in.

When I was in the process of packing my bag, my water broke. Looks like the baby is coming!

We went to the hospital at 11:00 p.m and i started the paper work and got all hooked up to I’vs.

The pain was getting so intense, I felt like my pelvic bone was breaking.

I got some pain medication and tired to sleep, when we realized that the baby was passing his first poop already.

I finally was dilated to a five, and I got the epidural.

Then his heart rate was dropping with every contraction, so they had to do an emergence c-section.

At this point I was having labor shakes, and I had to be held down during the c-section.

It felt so weird. I was being pulled and tugged, and I had my boyfriend tell me everything that was happening.

When I heard his first cry at 10:20 a.m I started crying. My boyfriend told me that the baby had hair, and he was the most perfect thing he had ever seen.

I fell in love with my new family instantly.

My baby is now 2 weeks old, and let me tell you it has not been easy.

We are all trying to get into the swing of things, but one thing is for sure- we love each other to the moon and back!



38 weeks pregnant!




Well, I have been having my weekly doctors appointments now, and today my appointment happened to be at 8:30 a.m so I could still go into to work today for 2.

3.5 hours later

What do I get????

I get a bunch of test done that tell me, me and the baby are both ok, and I am showing no signs of going into labor any time soon—–just what I want to hear.


the best news yet has to be that I can no longer work until my maturity time with the baby is up.

I was, and still am, feeling just fine- other then being overly tired, and my feet looking like they are pregnant to——but I felt no need to be taken off of work.

So, there I am crying at the damn hospital—-why??? Just because I cant work.

It has not even been a full day yet and I am bored out of my damn mind.

Now, my money situation is alllll F***ed up, and I feel bad not saying good bye to my residents…….Who knows who will be there when I go back–if I even go back to that place of employment.

Everything seems to be up in the air.

I am telling my self to take it day by day, but man that is hard.

The only thing that is certain is that by due date is in 12 more days…..and as soon as I hit 40 weeks I will be begging to be induced……..


Baby update! 35 WEEKS!



How far along: 35 Weeks!

Total Weight gain: I have officially gained 30 lbs. Its kind of depressing for me because i have always been little, but I am growing a baby boy, so its worth it!

Maternity Clothes: I love wearing my maternity tank top, and dresses……I kinda really hate pants right now…

Sleep: I am now tired all the time. I flip from side to side during the night because my hips are hurting so bad. And every little nose wakes me up now (Which is not a good thing because I am scared of the dark, and every worst possible, scary, idea pops into my head).

Best moment this week: We have finally decided on a baby name, and I made something for the baby room, and it is officially done. I also have all the baby stuff organized. I just need to clean the house now.

Miss anything: Still miss my wine lol, and I think I also miss being able to wear what ever shoes I want. Only two pair of my shoes are fitting me right now, and its really hard to even put shoes on.

Cravings: Ice cream. specifically something strawberry or a malt 🙂

Symptoms: Rib pain, and I definitely cannot hold my pee. I am also having Braxton Hicks contractions- really fun! My feet and ankles are swelling a good amount. Im always tired. Heart burn 🙂

Rings on or off: This whole pregnancy I have not be able to wear any jewelry besides a necklace. My earings make my ears get infected almost right away, and rings make my fingers painfully swell. But, My relationship with my hunny is absolutely perfect. We are so excited to meet our baby boy. My guys really likes talking to the baby right now and it makes my heart so happy.

Looking forward to: School staring and the baby finally arriving. (Even though going through delivery is scaring me shit less)!!!

Baby Update: He is kicking around like crazy, and it is getting very uncomfortable because he really does not have that much more room to grow. When I go to the doctors next week Im going to have to ask if they can tell how much he might weigh, I’m hoping I’m not having a big boy lol!



Do parents have different expectations for their sons and daughters?

Parents all want their sons and daughters to be happy…and even successful.

They have standards and dreams for their children.

However, should parents have different hopes for their sons than daughters?

According to a post I read (where I got the inspiration to write this post) on: a recent study found that American parents hold different expectations for their children. One example is American parents seem to want their boys smarter, and their girls Skinnier.

Lets start off with some pictures to tell the story:







Males and females are different, but equal. Therefore, we should treat all our children the same way and base goals and standards off of our children as they grow with new interests. Parents shouldn’t be worrying if their daughter is too overweight and if their son isn’t intelligent unless they are equally concerned for both children.

We cannot forget the other side of the argument either….

People might believe it is okay to have different standards. It’s more likely that a parent would want their daughter to be a ballerina than their son; is there a big problem with that? Although sons and daughters should be treated equally, there are some things that are geared more for females than males or the other way around. A daughter might also have stricter rules because parents might fear something to happen more than they fear it with a boy. One in three women worldwide has experienced some type of violence against them. Parents might believe it is less likely for their sons to experience a problem.

Although it might sometimes seem okay to have different hopes and standards for children, it’s best to treat them equally. Daughters and sons shouldn’t have to worry about fighting with their sibling to be smarter or more attractive.

Isn’t it better for children to have loving and encouraging parents?