World of difference


He prayed; it wasn’t my religion

He ate; it wasn’t what I ate

He spoke; it wasn’t my language

He dressed; it wasn’t what I wore

He took my hand; it wasn’t the color of mine

But when he laughed; it was how I laughed, and when he cried; it was how I cried




I had that dream again

The one where I killed her

maxresdefault (1)

I know it is just a dream

But, it does not feel like one

I feels like a memory

The rumors about her have died down

society is moving on to a new piece of drama to feed on

I hear their fake apologies

I remember her

I had that dream again

The one where I kill her


The dream is so vivid

I worry

Did I kill her?

I had that dream again.

The one where I kill her

Her family is grieving

I can not sleep

Is the Killer me?

Where was I?

Where is she?

When will this be over?

When will I be free?






Nature is beautiful

And I will never believe that

earth is a wasteland

It is clear

There are endangered

Animals on this earth

Why should I care

for hunters who kill for sport

I am expressing

STOP the massacre


let them die

Trees are cut down

Plants are uprooted

HELP them


watch birds scared away from

their homes

make a difference in this world

It would not be wise to

dispose of garbage in our



prevent innocent lives from

being captured by pollution

consider yourself weak if you

pollute the air that all the living breath

care about the earth because the earth cares about you

it is a lie that you should

fling garbage on every space you walk

you should

make the earth a better place

and never say

nature is disgusting






A beautiful tragedy


The shards of glass covered the cold, icy,  black asphalt.
looking like sparkling stars strewn across the black sky.

Their brilliance catching the corner of my eye,
making me slow down, just to look at them a little longer.

In my awe of the sheer beauty of broken glass.
I couldn’t help but think,

How could someone else’s tragedy┬ábe so beautiful to me.

I’m a Fish- you are the water


Come walk with me

Through the forest light

We will lay and watch the starry night.

We will make a temporary home

in the patch of the woods

where the moonlight bleeds.

Sunlight burns through the cotton sky.

You made gardens grow in my lungs.

You bloomed roses in my cheeks.

You ran rivers through my veins.

You were the soil beneath my feet.

Now the flowers wilt,

Waters run cold.

With no leaves to hold- branches hang limp.

Snow in my nose.

Hail down my throat.

I spit grey smoke into the winter air.

Im a fish,

and they will say their are plenty more in the sea.

But, your water,

Im stuck on land-

And I really need to breath!


One day can change it all….


The day had started like any other day.

You woke up

You had your morning coffee

You made me some breakfast.

Mom said she felt something in her gut,

She told you to go to the doctors.

I was only 11.

I was in a room with five other people I did not know.

Who was the tall man in the corner?

I did not know what was going on-

Everyone was confused.

[Then reality sunk in]

I walked to your hospital bed-

expecting to see your smile-

{it was not there}

Your clothes were in a bag on the floor-

I looked at the screen an saw a flat line.

{The sound was off}

But, I could hear it loud and clear!

The tears came rushing as I reached for you

{Willing you to reach for me}

I walked to your closet and grabbed your favorite shirt.

{it gave me comfort}

I had faith I would see you the next day.

“Daddy loves you, be a good girl”

{Your last words}

Mom has her phone by her side

[she has missed seven calls]

She is broken-

{she needs you}

I often look to god and ask for one more day-

I love you- would be all I would say…

I fear I will walk the aisle alone

I fear I will forget the little things about you..

But, what I fear most,

{My kids will never know you}


Amour Propre


Feeling elegant.

Plaster on makeup.

Covering up the repulsiveness.

Smiling while two-timing myself.

Heading to the university.

Scanning every single girl.

Faking a smirk.

Believing a lie.

Attentive to other people talking.

Despising my favorite shirt.

Drowning in other peoples opinions.

Doubting every last part of me.

Going through most of the day.

Disgusted with the way my hair and face looks.

Makeup cannot hide my emotions.

Questioning every meager thing.

Frowning at myself in the mirror.

Feeling as hideous as the world-as society;

for making me believe I’m not good enough.