My baby boys birth story

Published September 7, 2015 by imagine525




Well, giving birth is nothing like I would have expected.

I had a very stressful day.

We had a big rain storm during the day, and the roof in the pantry decided it wanted to start leaking.

By the time me and my boyfriend found this out, a lot of out food (pasta, rice, etc.) was damaged.

I was an emotional wreak.

My boyfriend kicked me out of the house so he could clean it up.

I went to my parents and cried at my moms, while thinking “man these braxton hicks contractions are getting bad”

By the time I went back home, three hours later, by boyfriend made me call labor and delivery and they told me to come in.

When I was in the process of packing my bag, my water broke. Looks like the baby is coming!

We went to the hospital at 11:00 p.m and i started the paper work and got all hooked up to I’vs.

The pain was getting so intense, I felt like my pelvic bone was breaking.

I got some pain medication and tired to sleep, when we realized that the baby was passing his first poop already.

I finally was dilated to a five, and I got the epidural.

Then his heart rate was dropping with every contraction, so they had to do an emergence c-section.

At this point I was having labor shakes, and I had to be held down during the c-section.

It felt so weird. I was being pulled and tugged, and I had my boyfriend tell me everything that was happening.

When I heard his first cry at 10:20 a.m I started crying. My boyfriend told me that the baby had hair, and he was the most perfect thing he had ever seen.

I fell in love with my new family instantly.

My baby is now 2 weeks old, and let me tell you it has not been easy.

We are all trying to get into the swing of things, but one thing is for sure- we love each other to the moon and back!




38 weeks pregnant!

Published August 18, 2015 by imagine525




Well, I have been having my weekly doctors appointments now, and today my appointment happened to be at 8:30 a.m so I could still go into to work today for 2.

3.5 hours later

What do I get????

I get a bunch of test done that tell me, me and the baby are both ok, and I am showing no signs of going into labor any time soon—–just what I want to hear.


the best news yet has to be that I can no longer work until my maturity time with the baby is up.

I was, and still am, feeling just fine- other then being overly tired, and my feet looking like they are pregnant to——but I felt no need to be taken off of work.

So, there I am crying at the damn hospital—-why??? Just because I cant work.

It has not even been a full day yet and I am bored out of my damn mind.

Now, my money situation is alllll F***ed up, and I feel bad not saying good bye to my residents…….Who knows who will be there when I go back–if I even go back to that place of employment.

Everything seems to be up in the air.

I am telling my self to take it day by day, but man that is hard.

The only thing that is certain is that by due date is in 12 more days…..and as soon as I hit 40 weeks I will be begging to be induced……..


Baby update! 35 WEEKS!

Published July 28, 2015 by imagine525



How far along: 35 Weeks!

Total Weight gain: I have officially gained 30 lbs. Its kind of depressing for me because i have always been little, but I am growing a baby boy, so its worth it!

Maternity Clothes: I love wearing my maternity tank top, and dresses……I kinda really hate pants right now…

Sleep: I am now tired all the time. I flip from side to side during the night because my hips are hurting so bad. And every little nose wakes me up now (Which is not a good thing because I am scared of the dark, and every worst possible, scary, idea pops into my head).

Best moment this week: We have finally decided on a baby name, and I made something for the baby room, and it is officially done. I also have all the baby stuff organized. I just need to clean the house now.

Miss anything: Still miss my wine lol, and I think I also miss being able to wear what ever shoes I want. Only two pair of my shoes are fitting me right now, and its really hard to even put shoes on.

Cravings: Ice cream. specifically something strawberry or a malt 🙂

Symptoms: Rib pain, and I definitely cannot hold my pee. I am also having Braxton Hicks contractions- really fun! My feet and ankles are swelling a good amount. Im always tired. Heart burn 🙂

Rings on or off: This whole pregnancy I have not be able to wear any jewelry besides a necklace. My earings make my ears get infected almost right away, and rings make my fingers painfully swell. But, My relationship with my hunny is absolutely perfect. We are so excited to meet our baby boy. My guys really likes talking to the baby right now and it makes my heart so happy.

Looking forward to: School staring and the baby finally arriving. (Even though going through delivery is scaring me shit less)!!!

Baby Update: He is kicking around like crazy, and it is getting very uncomfortable because he really does not have that much more room to grow. When I go to the doctors next week Im going to have to ask if they can tell how much he might weigh, I’m hoping I’m not having a big boy lol!



Do parents have different expectations for their sons and daughters?

Published July 6, 2015 by imagine525

Parents all want their sons and daughters to be happy…and even successful.

They have standards and dreams for their children.

However, should parents have different hopes for their sons than daughters?

According to a post I read (where I got the inspiration to write this post) on: a recent study found that American parents hold different expectations for their children. One example is American parents seem to want their boys smarter, and their girls Skinnier.

Lets start off with some pictures to tell the story:







Males and females are different, but equal. Therefore, we should treat all our children the same way and base goals and standards off of our children as they grow with new interests. Parents shouldn’t be worrying if their daughter is too overweight and if their son isn’t intelligent unless they are equally concerned for both children.

We cannot forget the other side of the argument either….

People might believe it is okay to have different standards. It’s more likely that a parent would want their daughter to be a ballerina than their son; is there a big problem with that? Although sons and daughters should be treated equally, there are some things that are geared more for females than males or the other way around. A daughter might also have stricter rules because parents might fear something to happen more than they fear it with a boy. One in three women worldwide has experienced some type of violence against them. Parents might believe it is less likely for their sons to experience a problem.

Although it might sometimes seem okay to have different hopes and standards for children, it’s best to treat them equally. Daughters and sons shouldn’t have to worry about fighting with their sibling to be smarter or more attractive.

Isn’t it better for children to have loving and encouraging parents?



I’m a Fish- you are the water

Published June 10, 2015 by imagine525


Come walk with me

Through the forest light

We will lay and watch the starry night.

We will make a temporary home

in the patch of the woods

where the moonlight bleeds.

Sunlight burns through the cotton sky.

You made gardens grow in my lungs.

You bloomed roses in my cheeks.

You ran rivers through my veins.

You were the soil beneath my feet.

Now the flowers wilt,

Waters run cold.

With no leaves to hold- branches hang limp.

Snow in my nose.

Hail down my throat.

I spit grey smoke into the winter air.

Im a fish,

and they will say their are plenty more in the sea.

But, your water,

Im stuck on land-

And I really need to breath!


One day can change it all….

Published June 8, 2015 by imagine525


The day had started like any other day.

You woke up

You had your morning coffee

You made me some breakfast.

Mom said she felt something in her gut,

She told you to go to the doctors.

I was only 11.

I was in a room with five other people I did not know.

Who was the tall man in the corner?

I did not know what was going on-

Everyone was confused.

[Then reality sunk in]

I walked to your hospital bed-

expecting to see your smile-

{it was not there}

Your clothes were in a bag on the floor-

I looked at the screen an saw a flat line.

{The sound was off}

But, I could hear it loud and clear!

The tears came rushing as I reached for you

{Willing you to reach for me}

I walked to your closet and grabbed your favorite shirt.

{it gave me comfort}

I had faith I would see you the next day.

“Daddy loves you, be a good girl”

{Your last words}

Mom has her phone by her side

[she has missed seven calls]

She is broken-

{she needs you}

I often look to god and ask for one more day-

I love you- would be all I would say…

I fear I will walk the aisle alone

I fear I will forget the little things about you..

But, what I fear most,

{My kids will never know you}


27 Weeks With a Baby Update

Published June 4, 2015 by imagine525

Since my blog is anonymous, and I’m still planning on keeping it that way (for maybe just a little longer) this picture is not me, but I love writing by blog posts with a pictures!


How far along: 27 Weeks!

Total Weight gain: It is sad to think that in the beginning of this pregnancy I was so worried because I kept losing weight- 15 lbs to be exact! Well, I have gained that back, and 16 more lbs!

Maternity Clothes:  I absolutely love wearing maternity tank tops because mine are getting to tight. I have also had to go and buy XL scrub tops for work because I can no longer cover up my entire belly in my regular scrub clothing. I also only like wearing leggings, sweats, or maternity pants- but I only have one pair of shorts and one pair of jeans.

Sleep: Getting sleep has not been that bad. I am tired a lot- but laying down and sitting for long periods of time, get really uncomfortable. My baby boy likes putting his feet and knees into my ribs.

Best moment this week: I would have to say how everyone keeps commenting on by cute baby belly. And I would also have to say feeling my baby boy having hiccups for the first time has also been pretty amazing.

Miss anything: Wine

Cravings: I always enjoy having a piece of candy to suck on, and fruit/ yogurt

Symptoms: Rib pain, and I definitely cannot hold my pee. I am also having Braxton Hicks contractions- really fun! I notice that a lot when I am at work, so I hope to god I can make it through work tell August.  Also, when I am on my feet a lot- like when I went to Arizona a few weeks ago- I swell, really bad in my feet, ankles, and sometimes all the way up to my knees :S

Rings on or off: This whole pregnancy I have not be able to wear any jewelry besides a necklace. My earings make my ears get infected almost right away, and rings make my fingers painfully swell.

Looking forward to: Getting on with these last for weeks of summer school. I also have a party for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, and my birthing class this week.

Baby Update: My baby is weighing at almost 2 lbs, is the size of a head of cauliflower, and the legs are definitely extended. During my last doctors appointment I found out I do not have Gestational diabetes, my iron levels are fantastic, and the baby is facing head down. This time is definitely flying by!